Questions and Answers

Why are you running?

With a $20 trillion deficit and a spend-more-do-nothing Congress, I feel it is my duty to run for office. Congress has repeatedly failed us on health care, tax reform, and job creation. We have tried the cookie-cutter politician and it’s time for some fresh ideas from a candidate who doesn’t want to spend his life in Washington. My goal is to get in, get the job done, and get out.

What makes you qualified to run for Congress?

My background in economics gives me unique insight into how the economy works. My job requires that I build statistical models and predict future movements in markets. I will work without rest to improve the quality of life of Kansans and to get our economy working again.

Given the education crisis in Kansas created by irresponsible politicians, how do you set yourself apart on education?

Cutting taxes is a foundational goal of my candidacy. But we have to cut taxes responsibly. Many of my opponents voted for the tax cuts but they failed to put in place a plan to transition from a higher tax economy to a lower tax economy. We have an obligation to fund our schools and to improve the quality of education to compete with other developed countries.

What is your stance on homeschooling?

Homeschools are a wonderful example of parents investing in their children. I propose that we maintain the status quo and not place extra regulations on homeschool families.

How do you plan to help rural Kansans?

Our nation’s economic recovery has been unequal. While many urban cities are starting to get back to normal, rural communities are still struggling. We need to invest in our rural communities and supply them with access to quality health care, better education, and improved broadband and telecommunications. These will help attract high-skilled talent and improve the competitiveness of family farms. On the regulation side, we need to protect farmers by reducing the EPA’s interference with farming so that they can continue producing the food our country runs on.

What is your stance on abortion?

I am pro-life and believe in the personhood of all people including unborn babies.

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