Faith and family are Matt’s guides in life. Matt is committed to good governance, economic growth, investing in our military, and fighting for our nation’s liberties.

Term Limits

  • Better governance begins with new people in politics. Matt supports term limits for members of the House and Senate
  • Matt will honor a self-imposed term limit of 3 terms in the House of Representatives

Economic Growth

  • Supporting a neighbor-to-neighbor initiative empowering people to care for one another
  • Tackling poverty with conservative solutions, reforming welfare, and establishing better public-private-partnerships
  • Improving access to quality health care
  • Investing in transportation and critical infrastructure from short-line rails to better access to broadband services in rural communities
  • Responsibly reducing taxes and trimming down the budget
  • Supporting family farms and the Farm Bill
  • Investing in education
  • Working to end food deserts in rural and urban communities

National Security

  • Committed to caring for our veterans by reforming the VA
  • Investing in missile defense systems
  • Embracing a twenty-first century solution to ISIS and cyberterrorism
  • Enforcing border security and supporting higher standards for vetting immigrants into our country
  • Upgrading the military to combat the rising threat of terrorism at home and abroad

Constitutional Liberties

  • Combating the rising problems of human and sex trafficking
  • Protecting freedom of speech against the politically correct left
  • Giving more authority back to the states
  • Pro-Second Amendment

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